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Why you are not getting the sales reports you need

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Every day, we talk to sales leaders who admit that they don’t have the sales reporting that they want or need. They often complain that they either have no visibility or optics on important sales KPI’s or that the ones they do have or often inaccurate. Obviously, this is a problem. 

The reason why sales leaders are not able to access sales reports (or are accessing inaccurate ones) is because their sales organization is subscribed to several tools that don’t talk with one another AND because their sales teams are not using them correctly.

In fact, the average sales rep has 6 browser tabs open in order to sell. Think about it. Your reps have their email popped open, their CRM in a different tab, then a screen share service for presentations, an electronic document signature tool, some social media pages pulled up… and the list goes on. Not to mention a desk phone to make phone calls and their cell phone to send/receive text messages.

Sales managers and executives want to be able to track all sorts of statistics and analytics: number of phone calls made, number of texts sent, number of emails sent, conversion rates, total amount of talk time, contacts generated, deals in the pipeline, which customers are hot and which customers are cold…etc. More often than not, sales managers are not able to access all of this data in one easy to read and accurate reports dashboard. 

The CRM system that you and your team use should be able to provide a top-down view of everything that is going on in your organization so you can effectively manage your people and their level of activity. After all, your team’s CRM should be the tool that is most heavily used when it comes to sales activity. So, why then don’t CRM’s provide accurate and comprehensive sales reporting? Good question!

Truth is, your CRM probably doesn’t include its own lead generation tool, phone dialer (and auto dialer), SMS/MMS text messaging, email integration, email and text messaging broadcasting or drip campaigns – all in one place. In fact, we know that your CRM doesn’t offer all of those customer engagement tools in one place because it’s never existed, until now.

Sales Domination Systems is the first genuine all-in-one sales, marketing and customer engagement CRM to offer everything you need all in one place. Reps get the tools they need and managers get all of the reports they need. We are the sales solution to your CRM problem. Schedule a demo with our team at or call 877-643-0109 today!

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