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What’s Better Than Memorizing A Sales Script?

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Taped to the walls. Sloppy writing on sticky notes. Hidden beneath other hidden papers on desks. Written on whiteboards. Written on chalkboards. Walk into nearly any sales office and you’ll have no trouble noticing that sales people love having pointers, word tracks, scripts and other illegible sales-related hieroglyphics scattered throughout a salesperson’s workspace. Reps are busy dialing for dollars and managers are feverishly attempting to word-feed Jimmy, the green pea, with the right words to close a deal. It’s nuts.

I’ve had the pleasure of working and consulting in such environments for nearly 18 years. What’s always astonished me is the amount of time, paper and tape that goes into hanging the various scripts that salespeople use (or are told to use). At my first inside sales job, my first day consisted of facing a wall and reading my cold call script to said wall, all day. It was fairly awkward and unusually ineffective because I spent more cognitive resources wondering what the rest of the tenured sales people were thinking about me rather than thinking about the script I was reading. No, I didn’t memorize my sales script on the first day.

So, what’s better than memorizing a sales script? Not having to. I’ll explain…

Latin class in high school was a terrible experience for me (like sales is for a newer salesperson who doesn’t yet ‘get it’). I’ll be honest, I had an exam coming up that I was completely unprepared for. Although this is a poor example of good character, I’ll admit, I cheated. I grabbed a 20oz bottle of Diet Coke and took the label off. I wrote down some references, words and as much useful information as I could. Before walking into the Latin Exam, I attached the label back onto the bottle perfectly. Throughout the exam I casually sipped on the Diet Coke until I needed some answers. It worked like a charm and I’m fairly proud to announce that I passed the Latin Exam!

Again, this is lousy illustration of integrity (I know…) and what not to do in the classroom, but it sure is helpful in sales! Most sales people learn how to speak over the phone, handle initial objections and move prospects through a sales funnel over time. However, instead of frantically searching around a desk for some printed script or word track, I’ve always believed it would be useful to have these resources available on a screen next to the ‘call’ button.

Sales Domination Systems is the Diet Coke to tomorrow’s Latin Exam of selling. New reps, old reps and salespeople-in-between no longer have to search for what to say. Sales managers can distribute their sales scripts with a click of a button (and without killing any trees). Sales reps can dial the phone with a click of a button, pull up the sales script for that particular customer interaction and read their sales script freely without feeling unprepared. This allows more confidence going into the call. I think we all know how important that attribute is in sales.

Furthermore, because our CRM records every sales call, managers are able to enjoy an additional layer of accountability when accessing call recordings. This ensures that managers can inspect what they expect out of their team’s delivery on a call with a customer. Sales teams that use Sales Domination Systems no longer spend time looking for that one word track, cold call script, follow up script or other various scripts. Instead, they focus on what matters: the customer and delivering them with value.

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