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What Is Sales Reporting?

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Daily sales reporting is a compilation of analytics and insights that allow both salespeople and managers to measure sales performance. In sports, managers and coaches are provided with statistics and reports regarding each player’s performance and the performance of the team as a whole. If you’ve ever watched sports channels like ESPN or have watched a sports game on TV, then you know just how important these statistics and reports are. Anything you could ever track or measure is meticulously tracked and monitored. Businesses, like sports teams, have players on the field who are tasked with one job: putting points on the board. In business, those players are usually referred to as sales people. 

These days, sales people must do a lot of things in order to put those points on the board. We make phone calls, set appointments, text clients, email prospects, present our product, run webinars, set up screen shares… and the list goes on. Getting accurate sales reports can be difficult since most businesses have to subscribe to multiple sales-related applications that usually don’t talk together. Here’s 17 sales reports we believe that managers and executives should be able to access on a daily basis, either for an individual or the sales team as a whole.

  1. Total Outbound Phone Calls
  2. Total Inbound Phone Calls
  3. Total Outbound Text Messages
  4. Total Inbound Text Messages
  5. Total Emails Sent
  6. Call Dispositions
  7. Calls Per Hour
  8. Total Talk Time
  9. Closing Ratio
  10. Average Sales Cycle (Time To Win)
  11. Pipeline Management
  12. Total Number of Sales
  13. Total Revenue Booked
  14. Reason Why Deals Are Lost
  15. New Contracts Generated
  16. New Contacts Generated
  17. Number of Deals Over Time

If you or your team believe these metrics and daily sales reports would be helpful, we would love to talk to you! Our team is always looking for ways to provide businesses with value and exceptional sales technology. Visit or call us at 877-643-0109. We look forward to speaking to you!

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