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How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert

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Why your sales scripts are not converting!

Put yourself in the shoes of a salesperson for a second. You’ve made 19 phone calls in a row without successfully getting anyone on the phone and have left 19 voicemails. As you hear the dial tone on the 20th call, you are expecting another voicemail and open Instagram to give your brain a quick hit of dopamine. Out of nowhere, your prospect picks up the phone and you attempt to engage in a real conversation with a real prospect, despite the fact that you are unprepared. The prospect quickly mentions that they are ‘not interested’ and you frantically glance around your desk and walls for the script that says ‘objections’ on it. It takes your eyes 1.8 seconds to find the words your sales manager typed out for you, but by then you realize there is no one to speak to on the other line. You just got hung up on!

Most businesses and sales organizations require their sales team (new reps at the very minimum) to read from some type of sales script. There are cold call scripts, voicemail scripts, follow up scripts, qualifying question scripts, word tracks for handling objections and the list goes on. They are usually printed off and distributed to the sales team from the sales manager. This is great, if the sales team can access them easily. The problem is, they usually can’t.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how good or bad your sales scripts are if no one is able to read them when they need to read them. Although there’s several good places to put a script for easy accessibility, none of them are great. Obviously, it would be ideal for a sales script (or multiple sales scripts) to be put up on the phone you are dialing or on the computer screen you’re using to make contact with a prospect. The bad news is, you don’t have a way of doing that unless you want your team to navigate through another browser tab or window.

The good news is: Sales Domination Systems has your back (like always). Managers can easily assign and distribute as many sales scripts as they would like to their team and place those scripts right next to the call button on their computer screen. With a click of a button, a sales rep can dial a call and pull up the corresponding sales script that they will need to curate the best conversation with their prospects over the phone. No other CRM offers this unique feature and we didn’t have to, either. But we did because we understand sales.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Sales Domination Systems can do for you and your team, please visit us at or call our office at 877-643-0109.

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