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Does employee turn-over mean turning over the conversation with your customers?

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Let’s skip over the part where we talk about how large of a role text messaging plays in business today. Let’s jump straight into a big problem that is currently happening inside your sales organization: employee turn-over and texting.

The vast majority of sales people rely on using their own personal cell phone to text with customers. Sales reps are usually provided with a CRM software and some type of tool that allows them to make phone calls (desk phone, calling software…etc), but when it comes to text, reps use their own phone to engage with customers.

One of the benefits of any CRM is that when an employee resigns or gets fired from a sales position, the company is able to retain the contact data and any pertinent information that was entered into the CRM. The company is then easily able to assign that contact data and information to a new or different sales rep.

But, what about all those text messages?

Well, those valuable, data-rich text message conversations with your customers just walked out of your company, too. It’s not like you’re able to assign this ongoing conversation to another rep or ask your ex-employee to hand over their personal device. Those text message conversations are gone for good. Also, keep in mind that the longer an employee works for you, the more customer data you are losing when turning over an employee.

Depending on which CRM you are using, you may be able to integrate (and pay for) a text messaging provider so your reps don’t have to rely on using their personal cell phones. But, what is better than integrating (and paying for) an additional text messaging service? Not having to!

Sales Domination Systems includes a text messaging service that sales reps can use to text customers (from desktop, laptop, tablet or via mobile app).

In addition to allowing your team to engage in text conversations with customers, Sales Domination Systems will also allow you reassign a conversation after an employee moves on (after all, it is your customer). This ensures a seamless transition for your customer and allows your company to retain all that valuable customer data.

Enabling text messaging through the CRM also means that managers can finally track and monitor text message metrics (and view the messages themselves for training or correctional purposes!).

I’m proud to announce that Sales Domination Systems is also the first (and only) CRM to enable users to send MultiMedia Messages (MMS). This opens a new realm of possibilities for your team. Videos, pictures, PDF’s, meme’s…etc are all allowed to be sent and received directly through your CRM.

Protect your company’s conversations. Enrich the communication experiences for your customer. Organize the digital environment your reps work in. Close more deals. Dominate sales.

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