Sales Process

The difference between a sales process and a sales funnel and why you cant track either of them.

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There’s a lot of talk about sales processes and sales funnels. Although they sound similar, they are two completely different things.  A sales process is a structured, step by step and duplicatable mechanism used to move a prospect through a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a mechanism that indicates what specific stage or ‘milestone’…

Sales Team Script

4 Things Every Sales Script Should Include

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Whether you believe that a sales script should be followed word by word or if you believe that sales scripts diminish a sales person’s delivery on a call, there should be (at the very least) some type of structure. Here are the 4 things that every sales script should include. #1 – A Solid Introduction…

Sales Report

The one sales report you can’t live without.

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If you’re a sales manager, executive or a business owner, there’s a pretty good chance that you already know what a sales funnel is and what it looks like. It is a diagram or illustration of the deals, opportunities and estimated revenue your sales team has pending in your sales pipeline. Executives and managers usually…

Sales Report

Why you are not getting the sales reports you need

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Every day, we talk to sales leaders who admit that they don’t have the sales reporting that they want or need. They often complain that they either have no visibility or optics on important sales KPI’s or that the ones they do have or often inaccurate. Obviously, this is a problem.  The reason why sales…

Sales Conversation

Does employee turn-over mean turning over the conversation with your customers?

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Let’s skip over the part where we talk about how large of a role text messaging plays in business today. Let’s jump straight into a big problem that is currently happening inside your sales organization: employee turn-over and texting. The vast majority of sales people rely on using their own personal cell phone to text…

Sales Reporting

What Is Sales Reporting?

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Daily sales reporting is a compilation of analytics and insights that allow both salespeople and managers to measure sales performance. In sports, managers and coaches are provided with statistics and reports regarding each player’s performance and the performance of the team as a whole. If you’ve ever watched sports channels like ESPN or have watched…

Sales Metrics

The 4 Most Important Metrics For Sales Reporting

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One of the complaints we hear most often from sales managers and executives is that they cannot access comprehensive sales reports within one single dashboard. They tell us that they would like to see real activity metrics, you know, the ones that are responsible for the financial growth of a company. After having hundreds of…

Sales Team

How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert

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Why your sales scripts are not converting! Put yourself in the shoes of a salesperson for a second. You’ve made 19 phone calls in a row without successfully getting anyone on the phone and have left 19 voicemails. As you hear the dial tone on the 20th call, you are expecting another voicemail and open…

The 1 Sales Report You Can't Access

The 1 Sales Report You Can’t Access

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Due to the fact that most CRM’s are simple data repositories and choose to tackle the same problems (where to store data), sales managers and executives usually don’t have access to important sales reports. Sure, there are a few applications on the market that feature an internal phone dialer. Sure, there a few CRM applications…

Sales Scripts Team

What’s Better Than Memorizing A Sales Script?

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Taped to the walls. Sloppy writing on sticky notes. Hidden beneath other hidden papers on desks. Written on whiteboards. Written on chalkboards. Walk into nearly any sales office and you’ll have no trouble noticing that sales people love having pointers, word tracks, scripts and other illegible sales-related hieroglyphics scattered throughout a salesperson’s workspace. Reps are…

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