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5 Ways To Use Your CRM Effectively

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If you’re in business or in sales, chances are very good that you use a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to track, monitor and manage customer data. Like any other tool, CRM’s are only as good as the person using them. It’s really no secret that people do not use tools that they find are too time consuming or too difficult to use. It’s also no secret that CRM’s are often underutilized due to complex and confusing user interfaces resulting in inaccurate or incomplete data input and inconsistent usage. 

According to Really Simple Solutions, 83% of executives agree that their biggest challenge is getting their team to use the CRM. If you’re part of the majority, do not fret – here are the 5 ways to use your CRM more effectively.

  1. Consistency. Use the application each day, all day. Inconsistent input will equal inconsistent output. If the CRM is only being utilized 60% of the time, only 60% of your data is accurate. But…
  2. Ease of use. If you want your people to use the CRM consistently, then it must be easy to use. If driving your car required months of training, implementation and on-boarding, would you really pass up on an Uber?
  3. Clean and Accurate Data. According to Salesforce, 91% of the data entered into any CRM is either inaccurate or goes bad within 12 months. We recommend using a data enrichment tool to ensure that the data within your CRM is up to date and 100% accurate.
  4. Reporting. Bad data = bad reports. Inconsistent usage = inconsistent reports. To ensure effective use of the CRM, managers and executives will need accurate and consistent reports. Important sales metrics must be found in one place, in real time.
  5. Truly Comprehensive. The average salesperson uses a minimum of 6 different ‘sales applications’ to do their job. This ensures that managers have a difficult time tracking important sales metrics and KPI’s. This also ensures that sales people underutilize the tools they use due to overcomplicated sales technology stacks and confusing user interfaces.

Here at Sales Domination Systems, we believe that a CRM should be a true asset to a sales person, SDR or any customer-facing employee. Our mission is to arm the sales team with the tools they need to quickly and effectively move potential customers through the sales process and give both managers and executives the insights, reports and analytics they need to make better business decisions.

Although we may not be able to force anyone to use the CRM more consistently, we can ensure a higher and more consistent usage rate from sales people because we’ve built our application around the values of sales people: simple, fast, comprehensive and simple. Our data enrichment tools ensure that existing data gets updated frequently and is entered accurately. Managers and executives no longer have to rely only on the efforts of sales people. Calls are recorded. Texts are tracked. Emails are measured. Contacts are organized. Reports are accurate. Leads are generated. Data is enriched. Tasks are scheduled. Efforts are coordinated. Schedule your demo with us today!

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