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4 Things Every Sales Script Should Include

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Whether you believe that a sales script should be followed word by word or if you believe that sales scripts diminish a sales person’s delivery on a call, there should be (at the very least) some type of structure. Here are the 4 things that every sales script should include.

#1 – A Solid Introduction

A solid introduction should include your name, where you are calling from and the reason why you are calling. Although this piece seems like ‘Sales 101’, it’s rarely done right. The piece that many sales scripts get wrong is the reason for the call. This is generally the part of the introduction where a sales person can get caught talking for too long and reveal too much about their product without having enough time to generate a prospect’s interest. Stating the reason for your call should not take longer than 6 or 7 seconds to say and shouldn’t include too many details. Keep it simple and make sure that you don’t speak for too long.

#2 – A List of Common Objections Responses

Many sales scripts assume that the prospect picking up the phone is sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for your call with their checkbook nearby. If you’ve been in sales for longer than 20 minutes, you know this is never the case. If you’re planning on reaching out to people who are not expecting your call and do not know you – you’re going to need to handle objections. Ensure that you have a written response for objections like ‘I’m too busy’, ‘Now isn’t a good time’, ‘Just send me an email’, ‘We’re already happy with what we have’ and ‘I’m not interested’. Having responses for each objection will empower your team to push through any resistance on the phone call.

#3 – A Question Stack

Over 80% of business executives and decision makers report that sales people add no value to the sales process. That means that over 80% of sales people are not asking the right questions or able to show that they understand which problems their prospect is trying to solve. Generic questions get generic answers. Asking compelling and well thought out questions are a great way of uncovering what problems a prospect is trying to solve. The right questions will also show your prospect that you are genuinely interested in helping them find a solution. Having these questions inside your script ensures that sales reps are not shooting from the hip and increase engagement on the call.

#4 – A Call To Action

Once a sales rep is able to generate interest on the call, there should be a specific call to action. The call to action could be to book an in-person meeting, schedule a Zoom call, sign up for a webinar, an email newsletter… It doesn’t really matter what the call to action is, as long as there is one! Having this scripted out and in front of your sales people can be a game changer. There is a lot of power in being able to intentionally move a prospect through a phone call and have them take action!

Now that we’ve visited the structure of the script, it’s going to be important that the script is easily accessible and in front of your team when they need to use the script. Rather than rely on your sales people to be organized (when has that ever happened?) and put the script in place that’s easy to see, why not put it on the screen they are looking at while making a call? Sales Domination Systems can quickly and easily display your script (as many as you want!) right next to the ‘Call’ button. This ensures that every rep is able to read your awesome sales script when they actually need it. We’ll even provide you with an additional layer of accountability and record the calls for you and your management staff to review for correction and training purposes. Call us today for a quick 9-minute illustration of how this script delivery tool works at 877-643-0109 or visit to schedule a demo.

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