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10 Things That Your CRM Should Allow Your Company To Do

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As technology continues to evolve, so do the expectations of its consumers and users. Since the inception of software, companies and individuals alike have been searching for new tools, applications, features, integrations and resources that they can use to be more efficient, organized and productive. Although CRM software has been around for multiple decades, I don’t believe CRM functionality has advanced much past simply being a place to store contact data.

Usually, companies purchase CRM software to store contact data, then supplement the CRM with additional tools like phone dialers, proposal tools, project management applications and the list goes on. CRM’s were initially created as a resource for sales people to track and monitor prospect and customer contact data. Over 30 years later, 300+ CRM companies have come into the marketplace to solve one primary problem: ‘Where do I store my contact data?’

The average sales person will have over 6 browser tabs open while they sell. Common applications include: CRM, phone dialer, proposal software, e-signature tools, screen share/web-conferencing apps, email, social media tabs… you get the idea. This is a much larger problem than most executives and managers understand. 

Companies that use multiple applications will find themselves stuck with the following issues:

  • Costly Integrations 
  • Time Intensive Setup and Implementation
  • Having to hire in-house programmers and developers
  • Having to pay multiple subscriptions
  • Having difficulty identifying which customer service to reach out to if there is a problem integrating
  • Lack of accurate reporting in one place
  • Sales people needing constant training
  • Sales people being distracted or confused regarding software stack

The CRM industry is projected to be worth over $80B by 2025. With that type of cash rolling in, I believe a CRM should be able to allow its users to do a lot more than just store contact data. So tell me, if you were going to buy one, what would you want it to allow you to do?

I’ve spent the last 8 years asking business owners, C-Suite execs, sales people, sales managers and VP’s about their CRM. I’ve also spent the last 18 years using dozens of the popular CRM’s out there. 

Here’s 10 things we think a CRM should allow your company to do today:

  1. Store contact data, schedule tasks and reminders… you know, normal CRM stuff
  2. Generate leads  – sales people should be able to search for a company, people within a company by role and be provided with contact info (phone numbers, email addresses and social media profile info), all with the click of a button
  3. Enrich existing data – press a button on an existing contact and allow the CRM to ‘fill in the blanks’ (updating role/title, providing additional phone numbers, email addresses and other pertinent contact data)
  4. Unified Communication – a CRM should provide its own communication systems for phone calls, text messages and email
  5. Call recording – each call should be recorded (for obvious reasons and for several other exciting reasons the CRM marketplace hasn’t thought of yet…)
  6. Send SMS & MMS text messages 
  7. Allow reps and management to visually track multiple sales pipelines
  8. Send managers and executives dynamic reports
  9. Email marketing automation – broadcasting and drip campaigns
  10. Text marketing automation – broadcasting and drip campaigns

Typically, if your company was interested in setting up these 10 things, you would need a minimum of 6 different applications and subscriptions to make it happen. But there’s good news.

All of these features exist today, under one, comprehensive and easy to use CRM platform. Sales Domination Systems is a true sales technology stack enabling sales people to stay organized and communicate with customers while sending accurate reports back to management.

It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. If you’re interested in taking a VIP tour of Sales Domination Systems, call 877-643-0109 or visit us at

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